SUB — Studierendenschaft der Universität Bern

Deine politische Vertretung


06. September 2023

opening hours

We have chanched our opening hours. Mon: 14:00-17:00h / Tue-Thur: 12:00-17:00h

19. September 2022

menstrual products

At the request of the Students Union (SUB) and the Equal Opportunity Department (AfC), free menstrual articles are made available for the first time across the board at the University of Bern in the fall semester 2022. More than half of the students at the University of Bern menstruate and are therefore dependent on menstrual articles. Menstruation is still a taboo subject in society today and is often associated with disgust, shame and silence. Therefore, it is time to include the topic in the public debate, especially in the context of public educational institutions such as the University of Bern.

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