Die SUB verurteilt brutale Vorkommnisse im Iran

The SUB is following the events that have taken place in Iran in recent weeks with great attention and concern. A solid response to these events is needed.

Since the regime change in 1979, when a theocratic one replaced the secular political system, the fundamental freedoms of Iranian universities and students have been controlled and restricted. Even though the president's political alliance (revisionists or hardliners) changes regularly, Iranian students enjoy neither freedom of expression nor political independence. For the past month, the Islamic Republic has been violently suppressing demonstrations, using weapons and extreme violence. These demonstrations are not only aimed at enforcing certain rights of citizens but also demand the restoration of their former constitutional political system. A fundamentally democratic state is essential for studying or continuing to study under appropriate conditions. The university and student community have been shaken to their foundations. Hundreds of students have been arrested in recent weeks.
Furthermore, all university campuses are controlled by the regime's infiltrated security services and militias. The SUB strongly supports all who stand up for educational freedom and are prime targets of the regime. As political crimes are not clearly defined in the legal system of the Islamic Republic, and the judiciary is not independent, every student arrested runs the risk of being sentenced to death. The SUB urges the international community to put pressure on the Iranian government to respect the rights of students and put an end to abuses. Also, the SUB calls for facilitated admission for students who need to leave Iran for their safety. International solidarity mechanisms to support those in danger must be activated as soon as possible. Institutional actors must show solidarity in addressing this grave crisis and use all appropriate means to help students in Iran fight for their fundamental rights. In addition, the federal government must immediately establish a reception system for students who are forced to flee because of the threat of assassination.

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