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Student accommodation

Students Lodge VBSL - Verein Berner Studentenlogierhäuser

Studentenlogierhaus TscharnergutWaldmannstrasse 153027 Bern-Bethlehem

Studentenlogierhaus Fellergut
Mühledorfstrasse 28
3018 Bern-Bümpliz

Studentenlogierhaus Bern-Bolligen
Bolligenstrasse 91
3065 Bolligen


  • Phone
    031 991 11 67
  • Students Lodge, Verein Berner Studentenlogierhaus

Studentenresidenz Stöckacker

Studentenresidenz Stöckacker
Untermattweg 42
3027 Bern

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Good to know

  • Student Housing Association "Verein Wohnraum für Studierende"
  • Temporary sublet housing platform in Bern, Basel, Geneva & Zurich
  • Fully furnished and fully equipped 1 to 1.5 room flats in Bern
  • FROHBERG is an institution of the Roman Catholic parish of Bern and the surrounding area. In an ecumenical spirit, students of different denominations and religions from Switzerland and abroad live under one roof.
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