Financing of studies

How much money do you need as a student? What expenses are coming your way? Who can you turn to if you find yourself in a difficult financial situations? We help you managing your finances.

Budget proposal

Here you can find a budget proposal for students which includes a list of basic budget items. This proposal takes fundamental social needs into consideration.

Of course, deviations from this budget proposal are quite possible. The actual costs fluctuate depending on personal needs.

Financial support

If you are struggling to finance your studies, there are various institutions that can support you financially. We have compiled a list of addresses for you to contact. Additionally, these addresses provide important information about financial support possibilities. 

  • The cantons are the first point of contact for students on the subject of education grants (scholarships). Contact the relevant cantonal office. The canton of residence of the parents is usually decisive.
  • All important information on the topic of cantonal education grants, e.g. which canton is responsible, addresses and calculation principles.
  • The SUB's social fund supports students in acute financial emergencies.
  • The Social Fund Foundation of the University of Bern is designed to help students registered at the university who are currently suffering from an acute financial emergency.
  • This database provides researchers and students at the University of Bern with information on relevant foundations and funds that award grants, prizes or give financial support to research projects.
  • Financial support for study or research stays abroad.
  • The Swiss Foundation for the Promotion and Financing of Education "Educa Swiss" supports people in implementing their education. Unfortunately, the Educa Swiss website is only available in German and French.
  • Viele weitere Anlaufstellen findest du im Verzeichnis der Fonds, Stiftungen und anderen finanziellen Hilfsquellen im Kanton Bern.

Premium reduction

Persons in training are entitled to premium reduction in the canton of Bern. The premium reduction is a contribution (reduction) to the health insurance premium (basic insurance) and is financed by the canton and the federal government. The contributions are intended for persons in modest economic circumstances.

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