Legal advice

The SUB's Legal Advice Service ("RBD" Rechtsberatungsdienst, formerly "RHD" Rechtshilfedienst) offers individual legal advice to SUB members as well as to persons who would like to start their studies at the University of Bern.

We offer:

  • Initial counselling
  • Referral to specialised counselling centres
  • Relaying of lawyers
  • Support in writing letters of complaint
  • Assistance with correspondence with authorities
  • Scholarship counselling

Registration and appointment

You can register for counselling by sending us an email. We ask you to send us the relevant documents. Once you have registered, you can contact us by phone or e-mail with any questions or for preliminary clarifications. Counselling sessions take place by appointment, usually on the 1st floor of the SUB building.



  • Consultations are offered in all areas of law except tax law. An information sheet on tax returns can be found on this page.
  • In labour and tenancy law cases from the canton of Berne, we recommend the free legal advice of the conciliation board (Rechtsberatung der Schlichtungsbehörde)
  • Please send the RBD the most relevant documents (decrees, contracts, official letters, receipts, etc.) in advance. You can attach them electronically to the registration form. Below you will also find the template for the disclaimer. Please sign it and enclose it with the registration form.
  • Once we have received your documents, you will be contacted by the RBD by e-mail, usually within one working day.
  • All relevant documents should also be brought to the consultation.
  • The person seeking advice is responsible for filling out the scholarship forms themselves. Application forms for an education grant, including guidelines, are available at the Education Department of the Canton of Bern and at the SUB secretariat. It is required that the person seeking advice has already dealt with these documents in detail before seeking advice on a scholarship.
  • If you have any further questions, the SUB's legal department can help you:

How can you get involved?

Would you like to gain valuable experience in different areas of law and providing legal advice?

Your profile:

  • You are studying law in the Master's programme
  • You are interested in legal problems and in research work on various legal issues (all areas of law except tax law).
  • You are interested in student issues

Are you interested? Then contact the legal advice service directly () or the board member "Legal Affairs".

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