Below you will find a list of all microwaves in the buildings of the University of Bern. These microwaves are made available by the SUB or by the facility management office.

Quantity of microwaves and their location

1 SUB-Häuschen, Lerchenweg 32, kitchen on the 1st floor

1 Engehalde, Schützenmattstr.14, room 071 by the cafeteria 

1 UniS, Schanzenstrasse 1, room E 004 by the vending machines 

2 UniS, Schanzenstrasse 1, room B-106 by the café / social hub 

1 ZSSw, Bremgartenstrasse 145, room B001 near the catering 

1 Unitobler, Lerchenweg 32, room 014 by the kitchen   

4 vonRoll, Fabrikstrasse 8, room D072 at Self Service 

8 Tierspital, Länggasse 120

12 Chemie, Freiestrasse 3, U105 Aufenthalt

2 Medizinische Bibliothek, C101 Aufenthalt

2 Muesmatt, Gertrud-Wokerstrasse 3 by the refectory 

3 Uni Mittelstrasse, Mittelstrasse 43 Room -101b by the Lounge 

2 UniZiegler, Morillonstrasse     

(Unfortunately, the locations Mensa Gesellschaftsstrasse and the Mensa in the main building are not suitable as microwave locations due to the lack of exhaust air facilities). 

In addition, a large number of institutes also provide microwaves - just take a look at your institute's premises.

Do you think a location is missing? Let us know! We will be happy to clarify whether a microwave can be accommodated there!

Is a microwave broken at one of the locations? Then report this either to us or to the relevant housekeeping service. We will take care of a replacement as soon as possible!

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